... where you can be the light...


The house


Around the house aromatic herbs and mediterranean species perfume the garden, together with the unique aroma of the Indian Tulsi that cleanses and purifies the environment. Our biological garden, a vast olive grove and a grove of fruit trees are also a space.

The rooms


The house has 5 bathrooms with shower. It also has a massive camping ground

Sebomai accompanies you in your retreat or course giving you all the flavor and sensations that are born in the heart of our cook and that arrive of the highest quality.
Offering you in every season the vegetables and herbs of our biological garden and the fruit of our trees.


Our bright practice room, of 60 m2 and with its own bathroom is an optimal space for the practice of any discipline. It is equipped with yoga matts, rubber bricks for yoga and pilates and stretching tapes. It is also equipped with a wood-burning stove. 

The practice room is complemented by a large library of Kundalini Yoga, a gong, a stereo, a tatami for the teacher and our beautiful Siri Guru Grant Sahib.